Economic Development

Building for Tomorrow...

The Village of Heyworth focuses on a friendly and thriving business environment, utilizing strategic planning and keeping its "Building for Tomorrow" motto at the forefront.  To help establish this environment, the Village utilizes several tax-increment financing districts, a business development district, has ample infrastructure capacity with very competitive utility rates, and implements long-term infrastructure
planning.  A bedroom community of Bloomington-Normal, Heyworth offers access to Interstates 55 and 74 within 8 miles, intersections with superhighway U.S. Highway 51 and  U.S. Highway RT136, railroad access, Central Illinios Regional Airport within 15 miles, and daily traffic of nearly 20,000 vehicles per day. 

Tax-Increment Financing (TIF)

The Village has created several tax-increment financing (TIF) districts to help provide strong economic incentive packages and to help strive to eliminate blight.  To find out more information about TIF and the Village's TIF programs, click here.

Business Development District (BDD)

In addition to tax-increment financing, the Village offers additional economic incentives to both current and prospective businesses through its Business Development District (BDD) programs.  To learn more information about the BDD program and incentives, click here.

Ample Infrastructure Capacity

In 2021, the Village will have water mains no older than 1971, with a water supply that can service over double it's current usage and sewer usage of up to 50% more.  The Village also boasts various broadband providers.  

Competitive Utility Rates

The Village of Heyworth boasts very competitive utility rates including water/sewer/garbage rates and community electric energy aggregation rates.

Long-Term Infrastructure Planning

The Village of Heyworth has utility reserve funds to help with it's long-term infrastructure maintenance and replacement as well as minimization of debt while still maintaining competitive water/sewer/garbage utility rates.  The Village has examined its exterritorial growth areas and has planned for various growth strategies.  It also utilizes long-term planning strategies for infrastructure replacement and expansion in order to minimize debt and costs.

Available Developed of developable Land

The Village of Heyworth offers developed land for both residential and commercial growth.  To find some areas available, see the 'Maps of Properties for Development'.