Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

The following are frequently asked questions (FAQ's) and answers for businesses:

Economic Development

What does economic development consist of?
Economic development is the environment of the Village of Heyworth to help grow, improve and create for the business environment of the Village.  The Village tries to improve economic development within the Village by:

  • Tax-Increment Financing (TIF) - The Village has several TIF districts to: help incentivize new businesses; help with existing business through remediation programs; and improving the TIF district area through infrastructure improvements and beautification
  • Ample water and sewer capacity and and very competitive utility rates;
  • Extremely competitive energy rates through energy aggregation
  • Professional staff for quick response and availability;
  • Progressive planning for replacement and growth; and
  • Other numerous considerations. 
What is Tax-Increment Financing (TIF)?
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What is a Business Development District?
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How old does a person have to be to sell or serve alcohol in the Village?
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