Village Clerk

Village Clerk
The office of Village Clerk in the Village of Heyworth is an appointed, rather than elected, position.  The Mayor appoints the Village Clerk after the Mayor is elected, and such appointment must be approved by majority vote of the Village Board of Trustees.
The Village Clerk's responsibilities include:
  • maintaining the documents and records of the Village;
  • taking and preparing the minutes of Village Board Meetings;
  • preparing and posting agendas for various boards and committees; and
  • other items as specified under Illinois law.
Village Clerk Stacy Shoemaker
Stacy Shoemaker has been appointed Village Clerk since 2009.  Her deputy clerks include Diana (Dee) Slayback, Judith (Judy) Quinton, and Sue Gilpin.  To contact Mrs. Shoemaker, email her at