Zoning Board of Appeals

The Heyworth Zoning Board of Appeals

The Heyworth Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) is a seven (7) member recommending body whose members are appointed by the Mayor and approved by the Village Board of Trustees.  The ZBA conducts hearings on any zoning map (rezoning) amendment, zoning text amendment, zoning variance, or zoning special use permit request. 

Zoning Hearings

A zoning hearing is required for any zoning request.  To initiate a zoning amendment, zoning variance or zoning special use permit request, a completed application must be submitted to the Heyworth Village Hall along with the required fee.  Upon receipt of the application and fee, the Zoning Administrating Official shall review that application for completeness, and upon verification of a completed application, make a request to the ZBA chair for a hearing to be held.  A hearing must be held no less than 15 days and no more than 30 days after publication in a local newspaper prior to any zoning amendment, variance, or special use permit approval. 

At the hearing, the applicant/property owner, along with all interested parties, shall be allowed to present evidence, testimony, witnesses, and conduct cross-examination of witnesses.  After presentation of all evidence and information, the ZBA votes as to whether each standard of review is met for the zoning request based on the evidence and testimony presented, and recommends to the Heyworth Board of Trustees as to whether the zoning request should be granted or denied.  The Heyworth Board of Trustees makes the final determination as to whether a zoning request should be granted after applying the information provided by the ZBA to each standard of review.  

Please allow for up to at least 45 days for a zoning process.

There is a $250 fee for any zoning request to pay for publication and hearing costs.  Additional notice fees may be required.  

Zoning Board of Appeals Hearing Agendas

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Zoning Generally

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Zoning Applications

Complete the following applications to the Heyworth Village Hall to request a zoning amendment: