Heyworth Police Department


We at the Heyworth Police Department strive to be in partnership with the community that we serve. We take pride in the safety of our schools and businesses.  We spend a lot of time developing positive relationships with our students and our business community. In doing so, we have gained the trust of the community we serve.

Community Policing is an important aspect, as we strive to gain their faith in us to meet their needs. 

Continued education and training for our officers provide them with a clear understanding of the constant changing laws.

We are all about Community Service!

Chief Michael Geriets                              

Our Mission Statement

The Officers of the Heyworth Police Department are dedicated to building a strong relationship with the citizens of Heyworth through the delivery of exemplary service and a focus on problem solving, crime prevention, public service and code enforcement. We are committed to enhancing the quality of life in our neighborhoods by improving relationships with the community we serve.

The Police Department is located at the Heyworth Village Hall

Heyworth Village Hall
108 S. Buchanan Street
P.O. Box 439
Heyworth, Illinois 61745-0439

Contact us:
Phone: Call our dispatch center, METCOM at (309) 888-5030
Emergency: Dial 9 1 1
Fax:     (309) 473-2481

About the Chief:

Michael Geriets began his law enforcement career in 1989 after working 5 1/2 years for the Illinois Department of Corrections. He was appointed as Chief of Police in July 2016 in the Village of Heyworth. Chief Geriets served the Lincoln Police Department for 25 years, retiring as Deputy Chief in 2014. After retirement he worked for the McLean County Sheriff's Department for approximately 1 1/2 years before accepting his current position as Chief of Police in Heyworth. 

Geriets was active in training all Lincoln public and private schools, Lincoln College and Lincoln Christian University to prepare them in cases of an unauthorized visitor, active shooter and crisis situations whether they were weather related, hazardous materials, or in case of a terroristic event. He taught DARE to Lincoln elementary and high school students. He took pride in protecting our youth and the future of the community he served.

Chief Geriets came to Heyworth with a lot of training and experience, not only from his previously held administrative position at the Lincoln Police Department as Deputy Chief, he is also a graduate of the FBI National Academy Session #230 and had been assigned to the Illinois State Police Central Illinois Enforcement Group, as as an undercover Narcotics Inspector with District 9 State Police out of Springfield, IL.

Chief Geriets has been a positive influence in our schools by spending most mornings going between the elementary and high school while developing positive relationships with our youth.

You may contact the Chief via email at policechief@heyworth-il.gov

Patrol Division Email Contacts:
Deputy Chief E. Jones                ejones@heyworth-il.gov
Off. J. Tapke                                  jtapke@heyworth-il.gov
Off. S. Shumaker                          s.shumaker@heyworth-il.gov
Off. L. Bartelmay                         lbartelmay@heyworth-il.gov
Off. R. Kemp                                 rkemp@heyworth-il.gov
Off. P. Cooper                              pcooper@heyworth-il.gov




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