Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) & Open Meetings Act (OMA) Information


Any person requesting public records or documents as defined in the Illinois Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) of the Village shall make such a request, in writing, to the Village Clerk's office located at the Heyworth Village Hall, 108 S Buchanan Street. Such requests should be made to Mrs. Stacy L Shoemaker, FOIA Officer, at such address and if she not present in person, you should see Mrs. Bobbi Batchelder or Mrs. Dee Slayback, Deputy FOIA Officers. Another method would be by mailing, faxing or emailing a written request to Mrs. Shoemaker, Mrs. Batchelder or Mrs. Slayback specifying in particular the records requested to be disclosed and copied. All written requests should be addressed to the FOIA Officer at the address of the Clerk's office. If you desire that any records be certified, you must indicate that in your request and specify which records must be certified.

Freedom of Information Act Officers:
  • Stacy L. Shoemaker, Village Clerk
  • Dee Slayback, Office Staff
  • Sue Gilpin, Deputy Village Clerk
  • Bobbi Batchelder, Village Treasurer
  • Michael Geriets, Chief of Police
  • Eric Jones, Deputy Chief of Police

Freedom of Information Act Fees:

The fees for any such records, if the person requesting the records wishes them to be copied, are as follows:

  • First 50 pages, black and white, letter or legal-size copies, no cost.
  • Additional pages, black and white, letter or legal, actual cost to $0.15.
  • Electronic records will be formatted subject to reimbursement for costs of recording medium.
  • Color copies or copies in a size other than letter or legal shall be reimbursed to actual costs.
  • Costs of certifying a record will be $1.00
  • $10 for each hour spent by personnel in searching for and retrieving a requested record beyond the first 8 hours.
  • Actual cost of retrieving and transporting public records from an off-site storage facility when the public records are maintained by a third-party storage company.
  • Records may be furnished without charge or at a reduced charge, as determined by the Village, if the person requesting the documents states the specific purpose for the request and indicates that a waiver or reduction of the fee is in the public interest. Waiver or reduction of the fee is in the public interest if the principal purpose of the request is to access and disseminate information regarding the health, safety and welfare or the legal rights of the general public and is not for the principal purpose or commercial benefit.
  • FOIA's not used for commercial purposes will be responded to within 5 business days.
  • FOIA's for commercial purposes will be responded to within 21 business days.

FOIA information:

Per Section 140/4 of the Illinois FOIA, "each public body shall prominently display at each of its administrative or regional officers, make available for inspection and copying, and send through the mail if requested, each of the following:

(a) A brief description of itself, which will include, but not be limited to, a short summary of its purpose, a block diagram giving its functional subdivisions, the total amount of its operating budget, the number and location of all its separate offices, the approximate number of full and part-time employees, and the identification and membership of any board, commission, committee, or council which operates in an advisory capacity relative to the operation of the public body, or which exercises control over its policies or procedures, or to which the public body is required to report and be answerable for its operations; and

(b) A brief description of the methods whereby the public may request information and public records, a directory designating the Freedom of Information officer or officers, the address where requests for public records should be directed, and any fees under Section 6 of this Act."

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IMRF Required Compensation Posting

The Villages compensation package posting requirement as an Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund (IMRF) employer pursuant to Section 7.3 of the Illinois Open Meetings Act (5 ILCS 1210/7.3) can be found on the Community Bulletin Board at the Heyworth Village Hall located at 108 S. Buchanan Street, Heyworth, Illinois.