Local Government

The Village of Heyworth is a municipal corporation and one of several governmental bodies that impact the citizens and businesses that are a part of the Village of Heyworth.  

The Village itself is operated under the direction and authority of the elected officials, which consists of the Mayor and six (6) trustees to make up the Village Board of Heyworth.  The Village, under the direction of the Village Board, is operated by the appointed officials and employees of the various departments of the Village.  The Village operates three (3) major departments, which consists of the office/administration, the public works department, and the police department.  Subcategories of these three departments include code enforcement and the water & sewer departments.  

Other local government that impact the citizens and businesses of the Village include the Heyworth School District, the Heyworth Library, the Randolph Township Fire & EMS Protection District, Randolph Township, McLean County Government and the Heyworth Post Office.

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