Appointed Officials & Employees

Heyworth Appointed Officials & Employees

The Village of Heyworth, as a municipal government, has two categories of employees: (1) appointed officials, and (2) employees.

Appointed Officials

Appointed officials are appointed/selected by the Mayor with a vote of approval by the Village Board of Trustees.  The Mayor appoints these certain officials shortly after the Mayor is elected.  Most appointed officials are appointed for the term of the Mayor, which is generally four (4) years.  Appointed officials of the Village include the Village Clerk, Village Treasurer, Village Administrator, Village Attorney, Village Engineer, and the Village Chief of Police


Employees are employed by the Village of Heyworth.  After hire, the employee remains employed until the employee resigns or is terminated rather than generally being employed for the term of the Mayor as appointed officials are.  

Employment Opportunities

Want to join the Heyworth employment team?  Click here to explore employment opportunities with the Village.