Excavator digging a trench for storm sewer installation, Village of Heyworth, ILThe Village of Heyworth Public Works Department is responsible for the storm sewers and roadside ditches in the community that remove storm water, sump pump discharges and downspout water from properties.  Typically the department undertakes 1 - 2 larger storm sewer projects each year to address drainage issues in the community.  These project range from the construction of new trunk sewers to the simple installation of a drain or cleaning a ditch.  If you have a drainage concern please feel free to report it here.  While we try to address as many problems as we can, there is not often time and budget to address all issues in a given year.

Recent Projects
Some recent projects completed by the department include:Excavator replacing a rusted culvert

  • Poland Street Outlet Sewer, 2017 (800' of 24" Storm Sewer)
  • Indian Knolls Culvert Replacements, 2017, 2018, 2018
  • 300 N Rd Culvert replacements and ditch work, 2018
  • South Buchanan Street Storm Sewer, 2019 (450' of 12" Storm Sewer)
  • Main Street Storm Sewer, 2018 (120' of 12" Storm Sewer) 
  • Waveland Ave, 2020 (180' of 18" Storm Sewer and Custom Precast Drop Structure)
  • Hillside Subdivision, 2020 (120' of 12" Storm Sewer, replace failed pipe)

Drainage and Sewer Backup Reporting Form

The Village of Heyworth wants to know when you have a drainage issue or sewer backup.  Please use this form to report these items to the Village.  These reports are important to the Village to identify problem areas,  form policy decisions, and help the Board determine where future investments in infrastructure should be made.






Location and description of the problem:

Would you like someone from the Village to follow up with you on this report?

Thank you for taking the time to let us know about your problems and concerns.