Village Board & Committees

Village Board

The Village Board of Heyworth, which consists of the Mayor and six (6) Trustees, are generally elected every four (4) years.  The Village Board sets policy, manages the Village finances, and creates local laws amongst other responsibilities.                                                                                 
Board Meetings

The Village Board meetings are generally held on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of each month.  To view the 2023 Village Board adopted board meeting schedule, click here.  To find more information about Village Board meetings, click here.  

Board Meeting Agendas 

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Board Meeting Minutes

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The following are the standing committees of the Village of Heyworth:

(1) Economic Development, Planning & Zoning Committee
(2) Parks & Public Infrastructure Committee
(3) Human Resource, Public Relations & Finance Committee

To view the 2023 Committee Meeting schedule of regularly scheduled committee meetings, click here.

Committee Meeting Agendas

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Committee Meeting Minutes

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