Code Enforcement

The Village of Heyworth staff is responsible for the enforcement of numerous codes related to construction and maintenance of commercial and residential properties.  Code Enforcement issues building permits and notices of violation for failure to maintain property in accordance with Village Codes.   

Building Permits
the Village of Heyworth requires building permits for most new construction projects.  Building permit forms are available here.  The following projects do not require building permits:
  1. Demolition of any structure less than two hundred (200) square feet that does not have a party wall;
  2. Interior remodeling, plumbing or electrical alterations;
  3. Residing or replacement of windows or doors that do not require enlargement of the opening size;
  4. Roof replacement/reshingling;
  5. Sheds without a permanent foundation and less than two hundred (200) square feet;
  6. Items that are maintenance in nature; or
  7. Above grounds pools and hot tubs placed or built on existing foundations or not on a permanent foundation.
Property Registry
Properties in foreclosure or REO owned properties are required to register with the Village's property registry.  The registry is operated by Pro-Champs and may be accessed here.

Property Complaints
Complaints related to property maintenance can be made by completing the form on the left and submitting it to the Village, alternatively, click here to complete and submit the form online.  The Village will investigate and if appropriate issues a notice to remediate the problem.  In the event that a code violation is not corrected in the allotted time the Village may issue a fine and/or correct the violation and invoice the owner for the cost of the corrective work along with an administrative fee.  

Demolition of 315 N Willis StreetProperty demolition:  The Village maintains an active property demolition and clean up process.  The Village desires first to work with property owners to keep their property maintained and in compliance, however sometimes properties come to a point where maintenance is no longer a financially sound choice.  In those cases, the property may need to be demolished.  The Village has demolished several abandoned properties over the last 10 years in its effort to keep the Village clean and safe.