Financial Information

Financial Information

The Village of Heyworth uses a variety of tools and resources to manage and document its finances including budgets, audits, capital reserve funding, and long-term infrastructure maintenance and expansion plans.  The following financial information and policies are provided to increase transparency for Village residents, taxpayers, and others with an interest in or need for the data.  

The Village's fiscal year runs from May 1 through April 30 annually. 
The Village Treasurer/Budget Officer (Bobbi Batchelder) and the Village Administrator (Geoff Dodds) are the primary Village employees responsible for maintaining this financial information.  Please direct questions concerning Village finances to either one of these individuals.
Disclaimer:  The financial information provided on this website is not to be relied upon for investment decisions.  It may not be the most current information, nor be a full and complete copy of the actual reports.


To see the Village of Heyworth budgets for the current fiscal year and the previous four fiscal years, click here.

Audited Financial Reports

To see the Village of Heyworth annual audit reports and audited financial statements for the past five fiscal years, click here.

Annual Treasurer's Report

To see the Village of Heyworth Treasurer's Report for the past fiscal year, required to be published annually in the local newspaper - The Buzz, click here.

Finance Policies

The Village Council has adopted finance and related policies which govern the Village's financial operations and reporting.  Revenue definitions are also provided to explain the sources of Village revenues.  To view these policies, click here.

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