Village of Heyworth Project Updates and Impact Notifications

Last Updated: May 31, 2023

The Village of Heyworth has several major projects this year that are going to cause impacts from time to time, including road closures, water services being temporarily disrupted, boil orders for water service, Centennial Park impacts, and others.   The following is intended to help provide updates on these projects, the impacts that may be present, and provide information on who to contact if you are experiencing issues resulting from these projects.  More information about the projects intended this year can also be found here.  

"2020 Water Main Project"

The areas where the new water mains are being installed as part of the "2020 Water Main Project" can be found here.   Installation of these new mains have already begun and are approximately 75% completed.  Before water services from homes are being transferred from the old water mains to the new water mains, you should receive a "green tag" at your home notifying you of an upcoming temporary loss of water and then further notification that water service is restored after the transfer is completed.   

Unfortunately, we are also experiencing failures of some of the 1935 water mains during the installation process.  If you experience loss of water and there was not prior notice being given to you of this loss of water service, please check here to see if an update is posted on our website about this loss of service.  If no update is posted here, please contact Village Hall at (309) 473-2811 to notify the Village Hall of this loss of service.  If this loss of service occurs after normal business hours, please contact the Heyworth Police Department at (309) 888-5030 and report the loss of service.  

We recognize the inconvenience these installations are causing, such as with roads being cut and gravel temporarily placed for patching, sidewalks being removed, and grass areas in the rights-of-way being dug up or disturbed.  We appreciate your patience and understanding during these major construction projects.  As a part of this contract, any area disturbed is required to be restored to the same or similar condition.  Roads will be patched, sidewalks will be replaced, and grass areas will be restored.  Additionally, the Village has plans to overlay at least two city blocks a year in its 5-year planning, and in 2024, there will be at least 4 city blocks either reconstructed or overlayed.  The Village has waited to improve several streets until this work is completed.  

Additionally, the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) has informed the Village that it intends to overlay both Cleveland Avenue (U.S. Highway 136) and Vine Street (Old 51) within the Village next year.  When this work is performed, several intersections along those roads will be overlayed at these areas, which will further improve the roads within the Village and help improve areas currently being disturbed by all the construction activities within the Village over the last couple of years.  

Please check here for boil order information as well.

"Centennial Park Improvements Project"

Most of the playground equipment at Centennial Park is currently disassembled and the playground area is CLOSED until further notice.

The concession stand is now fixed and able to be used.  The south bathroom facility and the concession stand restroom facilities are now open for usage.  Port-a-potties are also currently located at Centennial Park for usage.

The Village will be installing the new playground equipment, dock, sidewalks, frisbee golf, new sand volleyball area, roads, and parking lots later this year and possibly part of next year with many of these improvements being a part of the OSLAD grant the Village received.  Unfortunately, most of Centennial Park will be in rough shape until these improvements are completed.  Thank you for your patience and understanding during this inconvenient period.  

"2022 Karr Street Project"

The "2022 Karr Street Project" is currently underway.  Water main installations are intended to be completed on Magnolia the weeks of May 1st through May 21st and then services will be transferred after the main is installed.  All other water services should be transferred in this area.   The contractor for the road reconstruction has started and hopes to conclude construction within a couple of months; however, they have until mid-October to complete their project.  Karr Street will be down to one lane of travel frequently during this project.  We encourage you to avoid travelling on Karr Street if possible until this project is completed.

The mailboxes for residents that live on Karr, Magnolia, and Sunset Streets have been relocated to the north side of Randolph Street near Karr Street to assure accessibility to the mailboxes and for continued mail delivery during construction.  These mailboxes have been labeled with the corresponding house number and street.

The storm sewer installations on Thomas Drive will likely be under construction within the next month and completed by the end of the year.  Driveway approaches within the Village's right-of-way will be cut along this area.  Driveway approaches will be resurfaced after the storm sewer is installed, and a sidewalk will also be installed on the north side of Thomas Drive as a part of this project.  

We have been notified that some residents living on or near Karr Street are without power due to work that Ameren is performing to trim trees and to relocate some power poles.  The Village has not been informed of when this work was or is going to be performed, but Ameren should provide notice of this intended work.  If you have questions or concerns related to the work being performed by Ameren or their subcontractors, please call Ameren at 1-(800)-755-5000.  

Volunteer Park Splash Pad

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